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It works just like any other Windows Hello peripheral.You plug it in, head to the Settings app in Windows 10, and set it up. The BRIO 4K is super fast with Windows Hello, making logins almost instant.

It's a little bit on the chunkier side compared to the Logitech C920, but that's not surprising considering the tech the webcam has built into it.

You may be able to get 4K working with some third party software, but the default camera app on Mac does not do 4K. It's a plug-and-play webcam, so no additional drivers are needed. You can get by taking 1080p video with this webcam, and it still looks super amazing, so the 4K stuff is more future proofing than anything.

You just plug it into a USB 3.0 port, and you're good to go. Take a look at our sample shots below and see for yourself. I wouldn't say it's all that much better than, say, a 1080p webcam, but with the additional HDR support, it does look clearer compared to other webcams. It's still great to have, and something I'm glad the camera has built into it.

The top, sides and back of the camera are covered in a metal silver coating which feels great in the hand, not that you'll be holding if often.

It also has a rubber, adjustable stand making it easy to mount on top of a monitor, tripod or any other surface, if needed.

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