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Classes meet just once a week, generally during the evening.

Students also meet weekly with their learning teams, small groups of classmates who develop critical-thinking, communication and collaboration skills while working together to complete assignments. This focused, practical learning method allows working adults to fit higher education into their already-packed schedules.

State officials have issued their own legal filings disputing the federal claims. Department of Justice’s objection is to the lack of other options, even if adult care homes were doing their jobs properly.

The federal litigation is not about whether the adult care homes are functioning well and providing the promised levels of care. But a 6-months-long investigation by Carolina Public Press has found that, five years after the state reached its settlement with the federal government, not only has the stated not worked to create more options but its hit-and-miss monitoring of the adult care home system where adults with mental illness end up as a result has unfortunate results.

Additionally, students learn from faculty members with advanced degrees and substantial experience in the fields they teach.

In fact, the University's degree programs are designed by academic professionals, often in collaboration with industry professionals, to ensure relevance and rigor.They’ve either been lost in the system or they went to skilled nursing or went back into the hospital.” And those aren’t necessarily the worst outcomes, according to Knisley.“Many people died before they could actually move,” she said.A padlock secures the door to the former Clinton House in Sampson County. Frank Taylor / Carolina Public Press The DOJ division for civil rights accused the state, most recently in January, of violating a settlement originally reached in 2012. But an independent reviewer monitoring the situation found that, for the vast number of adults with mental health disabilities who did not require long-term hospitalization, the state still provided few community-based housing and treatment options, in turn forcing many of them into adult care homes where no treatment occurs.Since then, the state and feds have filed multiple briefs and motions in the U. The feds say that violates the terms of the settlement and have asked the courts to force the state to change.

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Frank Taylor / Carolina Public Press Not every state went that route. Others implemented systems of supported housing that allowed people who once would have been institutionalized to live in their communities in either apartments or small rental houses. Department of Justice opened an investigation in 2010 into North Carolina’s use of adult care homes to house people with mental illness. Outside physicians and mental health providers see to treatment while they reside in these facilities.

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