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For example, when the Franciscans came in the 16th century to convert the Isleta Indians who now live on the reservation just north of Los Lunas, it turned out that they had already been converted—they are said to have asked the friars for sacraments. Sister Maria de Jesus de Agreda, the legend held, a Franciscan nun who lived in Spain and had never traveled but who had appeared to them in a collective vision over 500 times and preached to them in their own language.

There is also the fact, Taylor tells me, that Elizabeth Taylor’s third husband died in a plane crash not far from Los Lunas.

Well over six feet tall, with a deep, booming voice and big gray eyes, he has never seen the stone before.

Continue reading: Hidden Mountain There are many more mysteries in the Albuquerque area than just the Mystery Stone, Taylor tells us as we turn off Route 6 and onto the dirt road that leads to the stone.

We will be crossing Indian land to get to State Trust Land, she explains. No whites can go there anymore, since UNM returned it to the tribe. I’ve been in this town 25 years and I’ve never seen it.” We begin the mile hike to the base of Hidden Mountain.

“I once came out here with some folks from University of New Mexico and Martin came and shut us down. Her tone when she informs him that we are going to be on Indian land is exactly the one I would have used: firm, but conciliatory. I ask Taylor who he thinks is responsible for the engraving.

The alphabet continued to be used by Samaritans and was known by Irish theologian and scholar Henry Dodwell as early as 1691, who wrote in his that “[the Samaritans] still preserve [the Pentateuch] in the Old Hebrew character.” But it was Pfeiffer’s translation of the mysterious inscription on the stone that created the greatest interest among scholars and others: “I am Yahweh, the God who brought thee out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage.

When I arrived in Los Lunas early one morning in February, I was told that the person to speak to about the Mystery Stone was Cynthia Shetter, the town librarian.

“She knows everything about that stone,” said the receptionist at the Visitor’s Center, which is unusual: Very few people in town seemed to have heard of the stone, and no one I met had ever seen it.

The biggest employer here is Walmart; the second biggest is a prison located at the edge of an empty field.

Los Lunas is also home to a curious artifact of mysterious origin: an 80-ton stone bearing a written code that is eight and a half lines long.

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