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Many reviewers said he stole the show from Tom Cruise in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report last summer.We sent Stephen Rebello to meet Farrell for drinks at his hotel in Santa Monica to find out how he’s adjusting to being the “next big thing.” Playboy: Room service just brought you six cold bottles of beer.In the corner, wearing a beanie and two stud earrings, strumming a guitar, and talking about poetry, Colin Farrell is about to make out with your girlfriend, and all you can do is applaud him and hold his drink while he does it.Horrible Bosses felt like it never had a screenplay beyond the pitch — “there are these bosses …and they are HORRIBLE” — but Farrell is by far the most hilarious part of the film (with all due respect to Jennifer Aniston’s attempts at career suicide).It’s a great example of how unseriously Farrell takes himself — the comb-over, the fake stomach, the rub-and-tug hobby he has in the flick — it’s all pretty amusing.

That gig landed him an American agent and, soon after, the lead in Joel Schumacher’s Tigerland and the WWII prison camp movie Hart’s War, in which he starred as a lieutenant alongside Bruce Willis.His performance as a hell-raising Vietnam recruit in Tigerland won comparisons to such badasses as Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson.Now he’s on-screen with Al Pacino in the CIA thriller The Recruit and plays the villain in Daredevil, a comicbook adaptation that pits him against Ben Affleck.You can assume one thing about an actor who chats unapologetically about his tangles with prostitutes, the celebrity images he masturbates to, drugs he’s sampled, why he’s happy about his foreskin and his best guess as to his co-star’s sexual orientation: He’s not an American.Colin Farrell is a straightforward Irish guy’s guy – he swears a lot, chainsmokes and is frighteningly generous when answering questions about his personal life and career.

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