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These drugs can be abused, so in the UK are legally 'controlled' drugs.

The side-effects include weight loss, and occasionally, psychosis.

These can interfere with your work, learning and how you get on with other people.

Depression, anxiety feelings of low self-esteem and drug misuse are more common in adults with ADHD.

He or she can go over the advantages and disadvantages of both medication and psychotherapy. Psychotherapy Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approaches can help you: ).

They work quickly, but the effect wears off during the night.

It sounds strange that they should be useful in people with ADHD, but there is good evidence that they are.

In the US, the DSM diagnostic system allows for an “inattentive” type without the overactivity.They would also get information about your early childhood and current problems from your family and school teachers.A child or young person with a diagnosis of ADHD could then be transferred to an adult psychiatrist as they got older, should their problems remain.There is also evidence of differences in brain structure, but environmental factors in your life can also make you more likely to develop the disorder.You can talk over the options with your psychiatrist.

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