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No celebrities; no frontal nudity; no fetishistic quirks.Yet the video became a viral sensation this week in China, where pornography is strictly banned.

That may be because they think it is not worth the effort to censor everything, or that individual complaints don’t pose a real threat to the Communist Party system, or that they think small-scale protests are a useful release valve for discontent. Here is the full list of terms Citizen Lab has found to be blocked on We Chat, as of March 2017.The website will deal with any third parties that are involved with erotic service transactions according to (regulations)."By Thursday afternoon, "Lujiazui" and "Lujiazui video" were the top two censored items on the site, according to the censorship tracking website Free The video continued to circulate on We Chat, a chat app with nearly 700 million users.Yet the deletions only seemed to fan web users' curiosity about the video. One Beijing-based finance worker said that the tape became a hot topic in one of his We Chat "friend circles," a group of about 500 professionals.Similarly, in Chinese neither of the phrases “China human rights” or “criticize Chinese government” alone get censored, but a message containing both does.Citizen Lab offers these further details: We Chat performs censorship on the server-side, which means that messages sent over the app pass through a remote server that contains rules for implementing censorship.

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