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Whatever the reason behind the designs of tattoos, a common theme of beauty and aesthetic is always present.People never choose to get ugly tattoos intentionally.A tattoo is a work of art that usually represents a trait of a person or a personality itself.They are a choice carefully made by a person to express whatever he or she is feeling at the moment or a symbol which represents himself or herself.The expression of one’s self has an aim to reach the goal of individuality.

It is considered as vital to one’s survival although some theory posits it contrasts with some of the survival values.

Interestingly, the concept of aiming to represent or symbolize beauty still haven’t changed during the years.

Popularization of tattoos as self expression Collectivism or the interdependence of an individual in a society brought about the popularity of having tattoos.

8-sided tops, like the two typical ones on the left, have smaller sides than the 6-sided ones so the commands are in single letters, numerals, and symbols such as stars (*) and zeros (0). The one on the far left has these outcomes on the 8 sides: * (star means take all), T3, P1, T2, 0 (zero means all put), P3, T1, and P4.

The one on the near left has these sides: TA (take all), P3, T2, P1, AP (all put), T3, P2, T1.

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This maybe brought about by the younger generation of celebrities that are also tattoo-sporting.

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