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She just stayed there, frozen like some kind of statue as Selena Gomez sucked a cock in front of her.

She didn’t just seem to be doing it because she was trying to teach Miley something or because this was something she just wanted to stay practised at or anything…

Her strokes were firmer this time, and the sound of her sucking wasn’t that audible, Selena deliberately trying to put focus on what her hand was doing for a few moments.That didn’t last too long though, Selena soon sucking the cock louder than ever before.For what felt like an eternity to Miley very little changed. If you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be reading this story. If fingering herself actually worked she wouldn’t be even having this conversation. “If you’re sure you could never do something like that that’s fine, but if you’re not sure I might have a proposition for you.” Selena said after a while. Miley opened her mouth to say no, but the word didn’t came out. Instead she closed her mouth and bit her lip, and then after a while said, “I don’t know…” “Please? I do not make any money from the writing of this story. All the fun of sex, technically without the actual sex.” Again there was some silence as Miley couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I could call one of my security guards in here and you could watch.” Selena said.

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this seemed to be something Selena was genuinely enjoying.

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  1. Virgo woman seeks to control everything possible - selects ties and shirts for her man, picks his place of work, alone determines where they will vacation next weekend. But he started growing in me towards the end with his chivalry towards me and how constantly he would stare at me even from distances. t give him enough attention, as his stares were bothering me and made me think of him as a big flirt. That kind of shows this guy is not interested in you. The woman I'm currently dating is a Virgo, and our intellectual connection is off the charts. And let that be his words or labels of his commitment. I think this "let's just be friends and see where things go" basically means "I'm scared of commitment but still very interested in getting to know/spend time with you." Because I'm not a friends with benefit type of woman and it's a hard situation to be in. I am usually detached but I'm miserable when he is not talking to me. I think I have gotten over it and the misery pops up all over again. Perhaps we are just extremely misunderstood & hard to get to know on a deeper level . Nonetheless, I can identify with each and every word written here!