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The letter starts: 'Dear Pope Francis, we are a group of women from all over Italy (and further afield) and are writing to you to break down the wall of silence and indifference that we are faced with every day.'As you are well aware,' the letter reads, 'a lot has been said by those who are in favour of optional celibacy but very little is known about the devastating suffering of a woman who is deeply in love with a priest.'When this enormous pain leads to a definitive separation, the consequences are no less devastating and both parties are often scarred for life.

With 10 percent unemployment in this corner of North Carolina, their story could be a common one.That controversy returned this year after an auxiliary bishop in Los Angeles admitted he had fathered two children -- about the same time the Vatican released guidelines for accepting married priests from Episcopal churches in the Catholic priesthood.Nationwide, about 80 Protestant clergy have left to become Catholic priests, according to research from Catholic University in Washington.That's where he met his wife, a devotee to Our Lady of Lourdes who had once considered becoming a nun.She still gushes about their first online conversations.

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The couple lost a lot of their closest friends, "and neither of our families are supportive of us wanting to continue our ministry," Kanelopoulos-Murphy said.

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