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This drug is considered a tier III drug according to my health insurance company and requires a a month copayment. I have been successful for several years without this medication and feel very fortunate that I have found ways to control this on my own.The symptoms that I suffer with relapses of this condition are irritability, fatigue and mood swings; in the end it is not only I that suffers but also my children.Depression-I have suffered from moderate depression in the past and controlled this condition with anti-depressants called Celexa for 2 years.Since my marriage I have been able to successfully control this condition without medication.The sense of accomplishment I feel in my career, the love of my husband, children and grandmother greatly contribute to my success in combating this condition.I am hopeful that our situation with my husband's immigration status is resolved very quickly as to not have to have a reoccurrence of this condition.Health Insurance-My employer provides Medical, Dental & Prescription Drug coverage (attachment C-health insurance ID cards) for me, ***X and the children with just a small employee contribution.My employer pays approximately 5 a month with only a employee contribution.

Finances- ***X and I own a home together in ***X, Oregon.

If I had to take my whole family and relocate to Mexico we would lose this valuable coverage which is contingent upon my employment with the company.

With such a drastic reduction in income and no health insurance we would be unable to provide our children with adequate health care therefore greatly increasing health risks within the family.

Although ***X is not ***X's birth father, he is her father in every other way including financially.

I have never received any child support for ***X from her natural father.

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