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When I started in the South Indian industry I didn’t know anybody.I had no godfathers, no connections in any entertainment industry in any part of India. Yes I am self-made and very proud of it.” even featured an entire song based on her.Luckily I got my first film (in Tamil) quite easily. I had no work for some time.”Did her 5-year relationship with M S Dhoni affect her career? So many years after it ended I am still being asked about it. One thing led to another, and here I am still answering questions about him when I have moved on. “I’ve realized it’s either a relationship or a career for me. When I am in a relationship I lose focus of my career. The strange part is, the headlines in Mumbai make it seem as if I am seeking publicity by talking about him when in truth I’ve gotten over whatever existed between us a long time ago. No one asks about them although my boyfriends were well-known. ”She says she met Dhoni because of her interest in sports. He has moved on.”Laxmi seems unsure of how to deal with the Mumbai media. Today I can converse in all four languages, though I’m still not allowed to dub my own lines because they are very particular about pronunciation in the South. I didn’t know a word of any South Indian language when I started in 2005.Rai Laxmi, or Laxmi as her friends call her, has happily borne with the patriarchal system of working in the South film industry.

They’ve so much to teach me and I have learnt a lot from them.”Now Rai Laxmi brings her 12 years of experience in the South Indian film industry to Bollywood where she is being launched as a hero in . But I know we’ve made a very powerful film about the struggles of a newcomer in the film industry.”Laxmi has herself gone through some of her character’s struggles. But I was propositioned in indirect ways and subjected to a lot humiliation.The actress has herself admitted that her relation with MS Dhoni is like a scar that will never going to heal down.If she treats the scar the media will again to scorch it down.Raai Laxmi Relation With Sreesanth: After ending up with Dhoni in the year 2009, Raai Laxmi went into the relation with another cricket star named as Sreesanth.The couple relation story went viral in the year 2010.

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Actress Raai Laxmi Wedding Plans: Currently actress Raai Laxmi has no such plans to get married.

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