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He asked me for anal again after that, and I had to call it a day.

After a particularly boozy dinner with my family and some of my sisters’ friends, my boyfriend and I went upstairs at around 1am, leaving my family downstairs.

My room was directly above the dining room and we started having sex.

Like a tit wank, but between my cheeks, and then came all over my back.I waddled over to the door with just my socks on and said “please mate 10 more minutes”, but Charlie was having none of it, and said it was his flat (he had a point to be fair). The next two hours we brought each other water, swapping in and out, taking notes on speed, posture and stamina.I woke up in the morning spooning Charlie, had breakfast with Flora and she proceeded to ask me for Charlie’s number.It turned out she was fine, and she had made the whole thing up to get me to come over.I was confused, outraged, drunk and desperate to shag something, so I did begrudgingly go back with her.

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