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Please telephone prior to your visit to check availability. No.: 01963 363659, Email: [email protected] Web Address: Fairleigh Farm, Traditional and Rare Breed Chickens, Okehampton, Devon. We have sold loads of these machines, we have these built to our own spec!! Marsh Daisy (brown, wheaten and white), Scots Dumpy (black and cuckoo), Scots Grey, Ixworth, Jersey Giant (blue, black and white).We have over 22 different types of traditional and rare breed chickens and bantams, we supply hatching eggs, day old chicks and pol. Many beautiful birds suitable for families and beginners. Large Fowl: Barnevelder in Double Laced and DL Blue.(MAREKS VACCINATED) Cream Legbar. PIDDLE VALLEY POULTRY, based in the beautiful Piddle Valley near Dorchester. We have a small wildlife site/coarse fishery where we breed poultry that are on the "at risk" list of the Rare Breed Survival Trust.I have been trained in the areas of housing, homelessness, debt, welfare benefits, immigration to Level 1, employment, domestic violence, welfare benefits, mental health awareness and suicide intervention.Our service is confidential and your information is handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act.Breeds incluse: buff orpingtons,blue silkies,gold silkies, white leghorns, black leghorns, crested cream legbars, rhode island reds,lavender aracaunas, salmon faveroles, buff pekins, mixed pekins, lemon millefeur sablepoots, polands chamois, plain and frizzle, Begium bubba d'uccle, Vorwerk, La flesh, lavender pekins, lakenvelder, blue lace barnaveld, exchequer leghorn, light sussex. We offer 6 different types of vaccinated Point of Lay Hybrids: Silver Star, Columbian Black Tail, Light Sussex Utility, Copper Black, Speckled Hen and Bluebell. Our aim is to increase access to and the numbers of these beautiful breeds. No.: 01409241097, Mobile: 07717313294, Email: [email protected] Web Address: Ark Birds and Bees, Kent.

Feed and bedding available - Local delivery possible. We provide Day Old's, POL, Pairs, Trio's Quartets and more. Small supplies of hatching eggs, chicks, growers to pol available in season. Bantams: Pekin White, Buff, Partridge and Polish, Dutch. Please contact me for more info , We are often on the mainland, and can deliver to specific pick up points. There's a wide variety of units ready for you to take away today. The Gold Laced Orpington is a striking bird with beautiful distinct lacing.There are only a few circumstances when we would consider breaching confidentiality: if you are in danger of hurting yourself or others, or if we’re legally required to do so.Your electronic communications in Online advice may be recorded.If you would like an appointment with an Online Advisor you need to be a member of my HIV. Book an appointment ››If you need to speak to someone urgently, please contact THT Direct on 08Our Online Advice service is available to all members of my HIV who are HIV positive and based in the UK.Please note that the Online Advice service will be unavailable from 22nd of December 2017 to 8th of January 2018. It's important that you select your HIV status during registration, as access to online services is restricted to users who meet these criteria.

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