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Live Chat invitations are powerful engagement tools that can be used by website chat operators quickly and easily to get in (first) contact with their website visitors.

Proactive chat invitations can be initiated automatically (based on the powerful Live Zilla event system) or by operators from within the Operator Client at any time.

Using Live Chats will relieve your service department noticeably.

As your operators can handle 2-4 chats at the same time easily, your team will work much more efficient compared with answering questions by phone or email.

Our agents engross themselves in your brand and gain hands-on knowledge by using your products so that they can speak from experience when interacting with your customers.

Our on-site training facilities, dedicated trainers, and customized training programs prepare our agents in a way that they strongly identify with your company and products.

They can also help if you have already chosen to live as a different gender and want help with any other steps.

You're not alone and there are support groups for you and your family to help understand all gender identity issues.

Service workers and employees will save a lot of time and money by talking to each other directly.

Also, as customers migrate their inquiries and purchases from traditional stores to online channels, companies must adopt multichannel customer care strategy.

While Self-service FAQ databases and a toll free number were sufficient in the past, to meet the current demands of consumers, live chat based customer service must be integrated into a company's overall customer care strategy.

In fact, they think of themselves as working for you and always respond to customer queries just the way you would have, meeting the customer satisfaction metrics you specify.

Retaining your existing customers is no less a challenging feat than attracting the new ones.

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