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The size and the way he used it on her pushed her limits more than anything.They both revelled in the feeling of a perfect, strained fit.

He fucked her like this silently, which was hard because they were rolling in pleasure - it was a wonder a yelp or two didn't escape.

Eventually she was able to command her body to put clothes on.

As she left to go to work, her pussy felt raw and thoroughly fucked and so perfectly destroyed.

Instead of pounding her deep, he took a different tack. She watched the glistening shaft as he entered and exited. He continued to pound her despite her screams to stop.

When he slowed down and stroked slowly, smoothly in and out, she began to slip Into another dimension. "Oh god, oh god", her pussy worshipping at the alter of his strong, thick entity. She felt the fullness - every nerve accepting the pressure and spreading the sensational warmth in her body. The guttural noises formed into screams and orgasm took her, she was shaking from lip to leg. You can't make me come like that and not let me stop. He knew she was stuck in a pleasure loop and he kept hitting her button.

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"To be continued" he said as he removed his member and buttoned up. Her eyes admired his still rock-hard organ, and her body continued what it was doing until her pussy admitted to her mind that the Perfect cock had been removed from it.

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