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How do we make ourselves inviting to newcomers and protect those who have always called this home?

A friend from college visited me in New Orleans one summer.

Weiss reaches for his wound before buckling over his bike in agony, the one minute 39 second video shot by fellow rider Reid Case shows.

He is heard panting heavily as he tells the other cyclists who have stopped to help that 'he doesn't know what' struck him.'There's definitely a piece of glass or something in there,' one rider says a female cyclist inspects the wound. I don't feel anything in it and it's not bleeding much.'The woman then removes her Lycra arm warmers to compress the wound.

From the interstate, Williams Boulevard offers the fast food joints and motels typical of most American city-fringes, but there are breadcrumbs that lead to what’s to come: the place is rife with seafood joints and New Orleans-branded cuisine like the NOLA Desi Kitchen, and even a Kenner version of the famous French Quarter donut shop Cafe Du Monde (this one is much newer).

There’s a requisite drive-through daiquiri shop, but drinks are cheaper at the casino.

She came to love the things that I loved showing her; the sweet olive and jasmine wrapped up around traffic signs, the porches and public drinking laws and muddy bayou.

But when she left she confessed to me what she’d known all along. “Even the popsicle stands are from 1910.” Point taken.

“He’s been married six times,” D tells me, hawking a thumb at Steve. At the Treasure Chest, you don’t have to succumb to quaint stereotypes of what it means to be from New Orleans. He has wavy brown hair and a matching mustache, and a voice that feels like it’s coming from a radio even though he’s sitting right in front of you. “We dominated the music charts from ’54 to about ’64.We’re sitting on the edge of the dance floor, at one of a half-dozen bar tables that Steve keeps saying didn’t used to be there, not in the good old days. No one is eating gumbo or wearing strings of beads, or pretending to like jazz music more than the song “Twist and Shout.” Oldies Night is a place where you can dance and drink really cheap drinks with the people you love every Sunday. And then the Beatles came along and knocked everyone off the charts.” But in New Orleans, he tells me, people wanted to keep listening to Lloyd Price and Little Richard.This sentiment is echoed by the night’s host, Your Pal Al, a New Orleans native who started spinning records on a Louisiana AM channel when he was eighteen years old. “You gotta talk to Al,” the woman in the hot pants tells me. “The Beatles didn’t even sell out when they came here,” he says.She was the only girl who would go into the circle while the boys did “the alligator,” an infamous Louisiana dance move meant to impersonate the swamp creature, as well as illicit bedroom activities.Steve says the nuns at dancing school used to grab him by the ear and kick him out when he was caught doing the alligator. “I was young and stupid then.” D and Steve started coming to Oldies Night twenty years ago, and after more than a decade, Steve proposed while the two of them were babysitting their grandkids. Regulars come back to hear the same songs again and again, without variation, since the very purpose of the night is to replay what’s already been played, to revisit the songs we’ve visited time and time again.

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But this conversation is one that everyone is having, in some capacity, around town.

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