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What surprised me more was after a couple hours later he messaged me and we began to chat.We conversed over Tinder for a bit, but then things got ‘serious’ and we quickly moved to texting.I of course played it off like I had never seen the show so he didn't think I was a total fan girl, but after the drinks were flowing, I slipped up and called him by his character's name on accident. She turned and looked at me, lingered for a second, then suddenly turned and went to wind down the window. Turned forward and puked all over the wheel, the dash, herself, the radio and finally me. He was a doctor, seemingly good-looking, and appeared to have his shit together before the age of 30.He called me out, and needless to say, there was not a second date.” “Of course, we met on Tinder. “Despite struggling with her words it was pleasant, and I figured she’d had some wine because she was nervous, so we went for a drink. So when he asked me out to EP & LP -- and for dinner nonetheless -- I gladly accepted.

He gladly obliged and texted the driver and sure enough within minutes he responded saying he could be over within 20 minutes.“He then proceeded to tell me about the last time he was in an Uber and how he hit it off really well with his driver who let him in on his side business where he occasionally sells joints to customers.He then proceeded to say that anytime he needed one he should take down his number and call him up.In a city boasting over 8 million people, many of whom traveled here from all sorts of places with ambitious dreams, you’d think you’d have a decent selection of seemingly good-looking, dateable options. Right -- which is why we asked a bunch of Angelenos about their craziest dating stories. “This one time I met a guy on Bumble who was an actor on a well-known CW show I used to watch religiously.He suggested we meet at Father’s Office in Santa Monica for some dinner and drinks. We stopped at a light and it was quiet for a moment, almost romantic. People started on their horns, so we had to keep driving, covered in puke.” “We met on Bumble (my dating app of choice).

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