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Matthew24 and Revelation7:1,2 indicate that the 2nd and 3rd fire signs may be EMP weapons - man made lightning.The Kingdom of God began judicially on 2008Nisan22.Whereas it ends on 2018Iyyar12, the 5th marriage Pentecost, for non 3EC JWs.That is when the water of the 4EC is turned into the wine of the 2NC Lord human mediated spirit baptism.The 3rd Holy Spirit, the South wind, is completed at the 5th marriage on 2017Adar17 and starts blowing on veil lifting day of 2017Adar24.The 4EC water baptism ends for 3EC JWs on 2018Nisan10, the late 3rd marriage Pentecost, temple burning day new Chislev1 secular.This is 8/9/10 days 3 months of Luke-56 from the 3rd fire sign on 2017Chislev29 (since 2017Adar29=2018Nisan5).This is all in the 'winter' following the 'summer' of the harvest of the saints into Zoar and into the ark and during the Sabbath year. The GT is a nuclear war which lasts for 33 BLC days.

He will therefore save all of us and all of the angels, even Satan himself will repent at a time of both God's and of his choosing. The LW church has the most comprehensive understanding of God's love for mankind and for the angels that any church has ever been privileged to see.

The Lords Witnesses are not affiliated in any way with the Jehovah's Witnesses.

But we do understand that there have been 4 true Christian churches, the Way, the Light, the Truth and the Life.

So on 2017Tebbeth21, the 3rd marriage guests escape from having Satan as Caesar and enter into the ark.

Adam is Passover executed on 2018Nisan14 (2018March31/April1) and 2018Iyyar14 (April30/May1) and 2018Sivan14 (May30/31), delayed 6010 years from his sin on 3993Nisan14.

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