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“I make sure the amount of money they are offering is worth my time, I’ve had offers of £5 (.50) before but that’s definitely a no-go.” A friend of Clifford’s suggested she join the site after struggling to pay for her car insurance.

They went to a restaurant in Solihull, about two hours northwest of London, for dinner, and a few hours later they went their separate ways.Thanks to a huge pool of persons to make your choice from, it’s faster to choose what and when to do, as well as how you can do it.Free dating is quicker this way, and you will certainly like the results to say the least.She said: “I have been very open with my family and friends and they are really supportive, I always let them know where I’m going or who I’m with as they like to ensure I’m OK.“As soon as I get a date offer through from What’s Your Price, I check their profile to see what they are looking for, people are usually very up front with what they are after.

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