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that took place more than 5 years ago, those rules are no longer working: the world is changing fast, and today's Ukraine is nothing like you have seen in the movies of the times of the Cold War.Remember, Perestroika in Russia started in 1985 that was 22 years ago!Since long distance relationships don't make much sense without possibility of being together in the future, the women need assurance you are ready to offer this commitment. The wife is a caring mother to children and tender keeper of home.

Nothing is more important for her than the well-being of her family.But Russian women are hardworking and they will be happy to work for the family budget and support husband if necessary.It's not a secret that Ukrainian women pay a lot of attention to their appearance.They accept that husband is a leader, and they are happy to respect and adore him.In general, Ukrainian people pay a lot of attention to their education.

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that dating agencies are spreading about marrying a Ukrainian girl.

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