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Unlike the text you normally compose, dynamic text changes to reflect a number of factors.These dynamic elements are added to a document by using fields.Click the "References" tab and then select "Insert Caption" in the Captions group.Adjust the automatically filled figure label as necessary. Right-click the highlighted text and then select "Update Field" to update all figure numbers.I am attempting to do the same - to renumber figures/photos after moving them around, without deleting and then putting them back in.I see the instructions to select all, then F9 or right click on 'update fields'.The Explore Quick Parts button is found in the Text group.The left side of the Field dialog box contains scrolling lists of categories in the Field Names list.

The VBA code of updating or refreshing the caption numbers: Though the methods above are not very difficult to update or refresh caption numbers, here is the easiest way for you to update or refresh caption. After you have installed Kutools for Word, you can update or refresh caption numbers with one click.

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To take advantage of fields, you use the Field dialog box.

To summon this dialog box, click the Insert tab, and then choose Explore Quick Parts→Field.

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Microsoft Word quickly adds an editable figure number through its Insert Caption function to make referencing images and graphs intuitive.

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