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My googling found Excel Pipe ( but their website and my inability to find any reviews of the product does not leave me brimming with confidence. POI doesn't always save it back out 100% the same as it imported it... Well, you could do it with the Excel Automation COM API, but it'd be about 20 times slower (take 20 times as long to execute), but the tradeoff is guaranteed 100% file format integrity by using Excel itself to do the transformations.

This, however, is the way to guarantee that you do the most work in updating the files.

That way, Excel will update the value for you whenever you open the workbook.

If multiple worksheets hold related values, you can use links to summarize those values in a single worksheet.

It will then replace all hyperlinks in all selected files using your search & replace strings.

Normally, if you have linked information in your workbook, the information is updated whenever you open the workbook.

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