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The rub here is that in order to fully enjoy those buzzwords, one needs a 4K television that supports HDR, specifically HDR10.

Basic 4K TVs are relatively cheap these days, but HDR is another matter.

Coupled with the lack of topside vent holes (they're only on the sides and back now), the X has a sharp monolithic look.The Xbox One X is a box filled with powerful components that's designed to do the same thing as a box with less powerful components, only a little bit better.That's a weird place for the "world's most powerful console" to be.Note for those of you who have downloaded (but not installed yet) firmware 3.61/3.63, or anything above 3.60: you can allegedly delete it from the bubble at the corner of your PS Vita.Then reboot and you should be good to start this tutorial.

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Only sometimes does it reconnect and I'm able to save the work/game I was doing at the time but others, it doesn't connect at all.

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